Real Life Kids services

Nursery: birth to 2 years

Preschool: 3 to 5 years

Elementary: 6 years to 12 years (or the end of 5th grade).

Meeting times

Real Life kids meet on Sunday morning at 10:00am and Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. However, every Fifth Sunday the preschool through elementary join their parents in the main service.


Each child is to be checked in before service. Please let us know at this time if your child has any allergies or special needs. Your child will be given a name tag to be worn, and you will be given a tag to bring back when you pick your child up.


Every volunteer has a background check to ensure the safety of your child. We also expect parents to bring back the tag they are given when checking in their child to help us make sure your child is only picked up by you. The doors to the children’s ministry are locked after service starts.

Real Life Kids Purpose

Real Life Kids is a place where your child can come and be themselves.

They will never be pressured to pretend to be little adults, but instead they’ll be taught on their level. We have games to help them learn their memory verses, crafts that go with the Bible story, a time of worship, and a message. However, we also have some games and crafts just because it is fun.

Throughout the service your kids will feel loved, challenged, and accepted. They will want to come back because one of the lessons they will learn each week is that church can be fun.

The mission of Real Life Kids is simply, “Learning, Living, Leading.”

We want each child to learn stories, verses, and lessons from the Bible. As they learn them our goal is for each child to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to apply the lessons they have learned. Lastly, we want them to lead others. We are not just raising up children, but we are raising up leaders who will not only influence the world 20 years from now, but are influencing the world right now, and our goal is to help them influence it in the most positive way they possibly can right now and 20 years from now.